Pour the 'Champagne of Beers' from champagne bottles this holiday season

12 November, 2018

In the spirit of fun and festive for the holidays Miller High Life delivers on point with the "champagne of beers" literally available in champagne bottles. The champagne bottles were rolled out in the past few years but in very limited markets. For the first time ever, High Life will be available nationwide in 750-milliliter champagne-style bottles for the holiday season.

Starting this month, getting your hands on 750-milliliters worth of High Life in a fancy bottle should be relatively easy. This upmarket bottling will be available in plenty of participating grocery stores, liquor stores, and even bars that currently carry Miller High Life. The suggested retail price is just $3.49—or significantly cheaper than most champagnes.

Miller’s spokesperson explained that the bottles will be a limited run, and that the brand “will only be releasing enough bottles to last throughout the holiday season."