One brewery asked “can you help?” - Over 1,000 breweries said “yes” and now you can too by ordering a pint

27 November, 2018

A couple of weeks ago Ken Grossman, owner of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, located just miles away from the devastation, sent out a call to nearly every craft brewer in America asking them to do one thing; Brew a beer called "Resilience" and donate every dime they make from selling it to the Camp Fire victims. So far more than 1000 breweries have answered that call.

“I’m sending a letter to brewers across the country, inviting every brewery in America to join us in this effort. We are working with malt, hop and yeast suppliers to provide raw ingredient donations to all participating breweries and are asking those breweries to donate 100 percent of their sales to the fund, as well,” wrote Ken Grossman on the Sierra Nevada website.

The craft beer community truly is a community. Brooklyn Center, Minnesota is more than 1,900 miles from the areas of the Camp Fire but when Surly Beer got that e-mail they agreed to a brew a 30-barrel batch within hours. “They are a huge inspiration and for them to put up a bat signal, we all came running,” said Surly Head Brewer Ben Smith.

Whether it be distance, financial situation or just life limitations, we can’t always help directly but having a pint with friends is a small yet big way you can really help. When you see “Resilience” on tap at your local brewery, grab a pint. When you prove a community listens, you prove a community helps.

Current list of participating breweries