Meet The Real Bro-tein Shake

07 March, 2016

Yeah Brofessor, the newest high-protein, low carb and gluten free beer is targeting you gym buffs who want to keep those rock hard abs and party on. Barbell Brew, a UK exclusive for now, is a wheat beer that packs in 21.8g of protein, about the same amount as a steak or three large eggs, and only 2g of carbs.

According to MuscleFood's website, "has notes of tropical fruits and light caramel on the nose... assertive, resinous hops, biscuit malt flavour... and an aggressive, dry and satisfying hoppy finish." It's also gluten free and has 3.6 percent alcohol content, so you can still get a buzz.

"Living a healthy lifestyle can be difficult, especially when you enjoy a drink with friends. But now our high-protein alternative means anyone can enjoy a beer without the guilt," says Darren Beale from Muscle Food. The shop,, spent three months perfecting a "Barbell Brew" that has 21.8 grams of protein, which is 95 percent more than your average beer.  At 92.4 calories and 85 percent fewer carbs than most brews, it lets drinkers kick back and have a cold one without getting a beer belly, according to the product page.

Will beer bellies be banished with a new high-protein brew?  We'll have to wait and see.