Goodbye Lines, I'm Texting In My Beer Order

31 March, 2016

Recently we posted a video on our Facebook page of a robot pouring a beer just for some “hump day” fun. Two days ago Texterator, a text ordering/beer pouring machine, debuted and it had the beer flowing almost as fast as people were texting in their orders. Maybe the days of desperately trying to make awkward eye contact with the bartender just for a beer are almost over.

Don't take our word for it - watch the Texterator in action!


Zipwhip’s Texterator, a fun side project for the texting tech company, showed off it’s capabilities by pouring beers for attendees of the GeekWire 5th Anniversary Bash. Attendee’s could text “Beer” to a number to claim their spot in line. Then Texterator texted back letting them know when their beer was being poured so they could head over and pick it up. Like kids in a treehouse talking about their comic book hero’s, this got our imaginations rolling over here at DME!


So how do you know which beer is yours? After Texterator finishes pouring your beer it laser-etches the last four digits of your phone number into the cup.

The Texterator is a combination of Zipwhip CEO John Lauer’s love of robots and his company’s product, which lets businesses add texting abilities to their existing phone numbers. The text-enabled beer bot is a follow-up to company’s earlier “Textspresso” machine.

While users like BMW Seattle and Allstate Insurance use Zipwhip’s technology to augment customer service, Lauer wanted to use his service for more playful purposes for the demo at the GeekWire Bash.

texterator text

What’s really cool about this project - if you’re looking to build your own Texterator, Zipwhip made the source code available on GitHub, an open source code repository, for beer enthusiasts and engineers alike. Of course you’ll have to machine some custom parts and acquire a variety of motors and sensors but the fact this project was released with an “open-source” mentality means the creative community can quickly start making improvements that may lead to production systems sooner rather than later. Getting our beer faster is something we’ll never complain about!