Go On A Run, Drink The IPA, Give Them Your Feedback, You Help Make The Beer Better

09 March, 2016

Ninkasi Brewing, located in Eugene Oregon, are working on their newest IPA but it's not ready yet and they need your help. They decided to brew a flavorful IPA because that's that's what they see all of their running friends reach for. But to make sure this is a beer that runners want to drink after a run, they brewed a test batch of Beer Run IPA and are hosting a series of Ninkasi Beer Runs in cities around the country so runners can try it and let Ninkasi brewers know what they think. After a run, of course.

Now they need more of you runners to join us for a Beer Run and give 'em your results! They’ve partnered with several other runners, running groups, and local running shops, to help lead these runs in communities across the country during March and April. They'll report all of the feedback from the Beer Running to our brew crew so they can tweak the final recipe and make sure we release a beer that runners will love and want to drink after their miles!

Below is the (growing) list of Ninkasi Beer Runs. Check it out, grab your running kicks, and join us for a Ninkasi Beer Run!

March 3rd - EUGENE, OR with Team Run Eugene Flyers at 6pm

March 8th - EUGENE, OR at 6pm

March 9th - ASHLAND, OR with the Rogue Valley Runners at 5:30pm

March 11th - MILL VALLEY, CA with San Francisco Run Company at 6pm

March 12th - NEW YORK CITY, NY at 2pm

March 14th - SAN FRANCISCO, CA with the SFH3 at 6pm

March 15th - AUBURN, CA at 7pm

March 16th - SACRAMENTO, CA at 6pm

March 17th - FORT COLLINS, CO with North FoCo Running Club at 6pm

March 19th - LAS VEGAS, NV 

March 21st - BEND, OR at the FootZone Pub Run at 5:30pm 

March 23rd - LOUISVILLE, CO with Runners Roost at 6pm

March 23rd - SEATTLE, WA at 5pm

March 24th - TACOMA, WA with the Tacoma Runners at 6:30pm

March 24th - BELLINGHAM, WA with klicks Running and Walking at 5pm

March 30th - PORTLAND, OR with the NoPo Run Club at 6:30pm

March 30th - BOULDER, CO with Flatirons Running Inc at 6pm

March 31st - SPOKANE, WA with the Flying Irish Run Club at 6pm

March 31st - PORTLAND, OR with Territory Run Company and Wy'east Wolfpack at 6pm

March 31st - LONGMONT, CO with Shoes & Brews at 6pm

April 1st - COTTAGE GROVE, OR at 6pm

April 4th - VANCOUVER, BC with the East Van Run Crew at 6:15pm