Follow Up: What Happened To Those Edible Six Pack Holders?

06 October, 2018

Back in 2016 we spread the word on a cool story about SaltWater Brewery (Florida) that had created edible six pack rings in an effort to cut down plastic waste found in the ocean. The video they created to promote the invention went pretty viral. It's been two years since that story flourished around the web and we wanted to see how the program was going, if it was going.

The coolest part, the project is thriving. We were fortunate enough to grab Head of Operations & Co-Founder of SaltWater Brewery Dustin Jeffers for a few questions regarding current status this passion project. Here's a quick low-down:

  • As of January 2018 the edible rings went to distribution
  • Right now they are in use from Treasure Coast to Keys (Florida)
  • They are being used in a wider perimeter within their Florida distribution chain with no issues
  • Now used on Carnival Cruises

With anything that is soluble in water a handful of our questions focused around the lasting and practical use of such a six pack holder. "The rings are a lot more versatile than people think. Our Florida location proved to be prime testing grounds because we could test and overcome the biggest challenge of condensation right in our packing warehouse. Testing against condensation is what took so long because our beer is shipped from our canning line to our distributors and if you've been in any Florida warehouse you'll know the issue," mentioned Jeffers.

So how long will the six pack holder last in real conditions, say a cooler of ice? According to Jeffers, three days - not bad. We had to ask, "have you taken a bit of one of the rings and if so, what does it taste like?" Without hesitation Dustin simply said, "four year old communion wafers."

Jeffers and the SaltWater Brewery team are truly passionate about the project and are continually spreading the word with help from help with powerhouses like CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) and Surfrider Foundation. To-date Jeffers is aware of four or five brewerys in the U.S. that have adopted the edible six pack ring holder.

SaltWater Brewery is now 4 years old and canning between 400-800 cases a day in any given week. In fact they are growing outside their current brewing situation. These are good problems to have in the craft beer world. Here's to seeing a good idea through and of course brewing beer for the people!

Here's the original promotional video from 2016