First Hop Odyssey Of The Year Released

03 February, 2016

Pacific Gem is the first of three in Green Flash's 2016 Hop Odyssey series. In a growing trend of hop heavy IPA's, Pacific Gem sticks to it's guns harnessing it's flavor from a single hop. This Single Hopped Pale Ale presents top notes of pungent pine and grapefruit rind accented by guava with a long, lingering finish.

What's the single hop? "We use the Pacific Hop from New Zealand," according to the company's official Facebook page reply.

Pacific Gem comes in at 40 IBU's, a great middle ground in continually advancing high-hoppy IPA sensation among beer fans. The ABV of 5.5% is welcoming for growing the "session" beer crowd even though it's on the border of what some would consider their cutoff for a session (not us). If you find it, grab it, it's only around through April on draft and in 6-pack bottles. You can use the Beer Finder on Green Flash's website. 

2016's Hop Odyssey Calendar: Styrian Golding Single Hop (May - August) and Nugget Single Hop (September - December).