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Beer Weeks – These Are A Very Good Thing

23 February, 2015

The 8th annual SF Beer Week kicks off tonight with the sold out Opening Week Gala. The Gala is “thee” event that waves the green flag on a week long celebration of everything we love about beer; rare beer offerings, meet the brewer parties, tap take overs, collaborations, education and all sorts of imaginative “fun with beer” events.

SF - only one of many, many Beer Weeks

The first Beer Week(s) to kick of the year go to a tie between Alaska and Kalamazoo this year. In total there were 73 Beer Weeks on the calendar in 2015. 2016’s calendar is already seeing new BW’s hit the official status and as beer fans we could not be happier.

A community table

From the beer lover level Beer Weeks are proof that we craft beer drinkers are a wonderful collection of social, imaginative, clever and passionate folks. Those at the supplier level get to step out from behind the bright tank or annual planning meetings and hit the streets with all that they are proud of - their beers. Bar and restaurant owners muscle up through the headaches of planning and prep to welcome in one-off events, new customers and be at the epicenter of a synergy aimed at making the craft beer movement stronger (not to mention the revenue boost).

Travel with purpose

Combine the 12 months list of Beer Weeks with growing website and phone technology and we’re seeing a new breed of beer explorers traveling at will to take advantage of everything Beer Weeks have to offer in towns they may have never traveled to otherwise. Most all of the official Beer Week websites have extensive “day-by-day” calendars with everything from directions to direct event ticketing. Hotels are jumping on board and offering BW fans the special rates they deserve if you’re in an area with Uber or Lyft, getting around is so easy.

So get out there and try that three brewery one-off collaboration, have a pint with Veronica Vega from Deschuttes Brewing, indulge in the exclusively bacon infused & beer pairing dinner or go see how they do it at the Milwaukee Beer Week (Apr 16-23) this year. Your experience only helps the movement grow!