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Drinking Made Easy-The Show

Join Zane Lamprey with his buddies Steve McKenna and Pleeplues as they tour the country looking for the best drinks, drinkers, and watering holes on Drinking Made Easy. Each week Zane and Steve will visit a new city and explore it’s history, nightlife, and the  local drinking culture. Zane and Steve are on a mission to show what libations and drinking lifestyles this fine nation has to offer and, of course, make drinking easy!

See Drinking Made Easy every Wednesday night at 8pm only on AXS TV. is not only your guide to everything related to Drinking Made Easy but it is also dedicated to making drinking easy! With a number of drinking related resources is your stop for everything to do with drinking including: Booze in the News, Articles, Blogs, Recipes, Reviews, Tips and Tricks, Podcast, Contests, Giveaways, Games and Events!

Drinking Made Easy-Episode Guides

Every Monday you can find a Drinking Made Easy Episode Guide for that week’s episode. The episode guide will include a description of the town we are visiting, Where We Went, What We Drank, the notable Steve McKenna Moments, Fun Facts and other bits of useful information to get you excited for Wednesday’s show.

Three Sheets-Episode Guide

Many of you may remember Zane Lamprey’s first drinking adventure with the show Three Sheets where Zane would travel the world exploring the different drinks and drinking customs of the region. We still hold Three Sheets dear in our hearts and will be revisiting old episodes every Saturday. Watch the complete episode (via Hulu) see Where We Went, Fun Facts, and play Three Sheets Trivia.

The Daily Drink

The Daily Drink is a compilation of great articles, blogs and reviews from our talented collection of Drinking Made Easy bloggers. Everyday, you can find a new article discussing beer, wine, spirits, distilleries, breweries, drinking customs and basically everything to do with drinking. Expand your horizons and learn something new, come back everyday for The Daily Drink.


In every episode of Drinking Made Easy, Zane shows you how to make excellent and exotic cocktails. (And Steve shows you how to drink them.) In the Recipes section we will have every drink featured on Drinking Made Easy with instructions on how to make them!

Booze in the News

Find out what is happening in the world of drinking with Booze in the News. In this section we will feature recent developments in the beer, liquor, and wine industries as well as scientific findings on alcohol or interesting stories. We also showcase awesome products, gadgets, and devices that we find along our many travels.

Weekly Podcast

Every Wednesday you can listen to Zane and the crew discuss the show and the world of drinking on the Drinking Made Easy Podcast. We will play games, tell stories, make drinks, and even speak with experts and special guests from your favorite alcohol brands. This is a chance to hang out with the crew and learn even more about drinking! Subscribe on iTunes to get a new podcast every week!

Drinking Made Easy Store

Find great merchandise from Drinking Made Easy, Zane Lamprey, Steve McKenna, Pleepleus and Three Sheets! Check out the stylish Pleepleus clothing line and some great Drinking Made Easy drinking accessories.

Drinking Game Rules

Drinking Made Easy is not only a TV show it is also a drinking game. Play with your friends while you watch the show!

Drinking Made Easy Viewing Parties!

Every Wednesday night dozens of bars around the country will be hosting Drinking Made Easy Viewing Parties where fans can meet, drink, and enjoy the show together. Every week the Official Viewing Party will consist of the bars actually featured on that week’s show! Know of a bar that has AXS TV and would like to host a weekly viewing party? Have them contact us and submit their bar!