== Happy Repeal Day - December 5th, 1933 Prohibition Ended! ==


Pub-crawls are a great time.  Friends, multiple locations, a social group connection.  What could possibly elevate this experience to a whole new level?  By throwing Santa into the mix!  Originally known as Santarchy and later Santa Rampage, the Red Menace, Santapalooza, etc., today this magical event is most commonly known as SantaCon.
Wine! The one drink that someone drinks on almost every episode of Game of Thrones. Come to think of it… Is there are any episode where they don’t really feature someone drinking a glass of wine? I think not! So it’s only apt that HBO comes up with a fitting tribute of sorts to wine.
Throughout the year we're sent numerous drinking related gifts, gadgets and inventions. While we love custom "cave" signage, the unending eclectic designs of the flasks or shot glasses, we wanted to give you a range of fun, functional, absolutely silly and even wearable holiday gifts - for you or friends!

Cold, crisp, and refreshing brews by the poolside are morphing into beers with bold spices, warmth, and rich flavors enjoyed by the fireside.  Here's a selection of our favorite seasonal beers that breweries will be gifting revelers with this holiday season. Cheers!
When you get a Cease & Desist letter and have to destroy your inventory the normal reaction is to give up (or go cry in your beer). Not the Trinken Lid team. After Solo put the kibosh on what was intended to be a silly parody product for beer lovers, Jerry MacArthur went back to the drawing board, well, CAD program, and resigned the drinking lid that raised over $100K its first time around on Kickstarter and is back with even better product.
Sold only from early November to mid-January, the Christmas Ale recipe is different every year, as is the tree on the label. However, our intent with each brew remains the same: joy and celebration of the newness of life. With a heavily guarded, secret recipe, Christmas Ale (6.5% ABV) is a highly anticipated seasonal delight, complex and full in flavor with a velvety texture and alluring, yet subtle, spiced aroma.
First brewed and bottled by the three Brewmasters at Stone Brewing Company in 2010, the beer makes a triumphant return this October, canned in a new package, and brewed by the three good friends at 21st Amendment’s new San Leandro brewery. At 9.5% ABV, El Camino (Un)Real is a dark strong ale that drinks like an Imperial Stout with a hook – it has a firm bitterness and malt complexity with licorice, vanilla and higher alcohol esters.
In its 30th year, the 2016 Great American Beer Festival (GABF) competition awarded 286 medals to some of the best commercial breweries in the United States, plus three GABF Pro-Am medals to teams of amateur homebrewers paired with professionals. Presented by the Brewers Association, GABF is the largest commercial beer competition in the world and a symbol of brewing excellence. In a ceremony at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, prestigious gold, silver and bronze medals were awarded to winning breweries in 96 beer categories covering 161 different beer styles (including all subcategories), establishing the best examples of each style in the country.
Just in time for the spooky Halloween season Crystal Head Vodka, Canada’s premium vodka brand that recently introduced a one of a kind, skull shaped bottle- The Crystal Head Vodka Aurora Magnum. Though odd for being a spirit container, this one with its distinctive contouring and classic touches could easily be mistaken for a pricey artifact or legit movie prop from an Indiana Jones movie.
Anchor Brewing in San Francisco, CA and Revolution Brewing in Chicago, IL have agreed to place a friendly wager on the outcome of the MLB’s National League Division Series between the San Francisco Giants and the Chicago Cubs. Sporting orange and black, Anchor Brewing President Matt Davenport challenged Revolution Brewing’s President Josh Deth on Twitter on Friday, October 7. Josh accepted, terms were drawn up, and a tweet-handshake sealed the deal.
You can now have your burger and drink it too. Okay, there’s no actual meat in the beer but Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews partnered with New Belgium to create the Grilled Pineapple Golden Ale, the first-ever special release beer inspired by Red Robin’s famous Banzai Burger® making its debut at the Great American Beer Festival on Oct. 6-8, in Denver.
Üllo, pronounced “ooh-low”, is now available to consumers. After raising $300,000 on Kickstarter last year, James Kornacki, a chemistry graduate, has delivered on his “revolutionary purification” invention which removes those nasty Sulfites in wine which are the source of your hangovers and to a small extent, taste modification of the wine.
The IPA is be named “Phantom Bride” after a track on the band’s Gore album, released earlier this year. The “hoppy West Coast style beer” has been brewed with Mosaic, Amarillo, Simcoe and Citra hops, with the combination handpicked by Deftones frontman Chino Moreno.
Whether they’re updated remnants from the dark years of prohibition or just a converted social area in hidden away meeting spaces from the local oppressive powers that loomed, secret bars do exist all over the world.  Occasionally we at DME.com receive an anonymous tip about a barbershop front that covers for a well hidden Speakeasy or a door that sits in plain site of everyday commuters which leads to one of the most fantastically decorated bars we’ve ever seen. 
Each Dom Pérignon champagne has a distinct universe; Vintage, Rose and now P2. P2 is the result of 16 years of elaboration in the cellars, the time for this exceptional champagne to reach the peak of energy, precision and intensity. P2 is the result of 16 years of elaboration in the cellars, the time for this exceptional champagne to reach the peak of energy, precision and intensity.
‘Journey of a King’ or ‘L’Odyssee D’un Roi’ was sold at Sotheby’s in New York for $134,750. The price tag has made it one of the most expensive bottles to be auctioned. The liquor honored the first global shipments of Louis XIII's cognac in the 1870s. Only three bottles of "L'Odyssee" were produced. Sotheby's will auction the second bottle in Hong Kong in October, with the third hitting the block in London a month later.
In case you aren’t familiar with the Fizzics System it is a beer pouring system that uses sound waves to create micro foam in your beer and deliver improved flavor, taste and mouth-feel in any carbonated beer. Sound waves for better beer? You may be thinking “this a gimmick” but it’s not, it’s science. Sound waves convert the beer’s carbonation into densely compacted, uniform Micro-Foam™ bubbles unlocking that fresh-from-the-tap taste.
The Juggernaut, the first-ever 1-gallon stainless steel vacuum insulated growler. This beauty that just made it to the top of the “practical” wish list for the upcoming holiday season is a 128 oz Beer Growler (eight pints) cast from high quality 18/8 stainless steel, and has double wall vacuum insulation. The cap is secured by a sturdy dual-bail cap system that is leakproof which simply means it keeps the contents cold (for 24+ hours) or hot (for 12+ hours).
Deschutes Brewery and Bendistillery today announced the much anticipated launch of Black Butte Whiskey. Created over the past three years, this malt whiskey was double distilled from the wash of Deschutes Brewery’s flagship beer, Black Butte Porter. Available in very limited quantities, this sipping whiskey can be found starting today at the brewery’s two public houses, Bendistillery’s tasting room and Oregon liquor stores only.  We have a feeling this is going to be available in a much wider range very soon!
We’re fairly certain you guys know who Zane Lamprey is (and no he doesn’t write these articles in the third person). In 2014, he took his decade of apparel design (for his Pleepleus line of clothing) and created the Drinking Jacket  which did well, $574,630 from 4,974 backers/you fans well. Zane is now back with the ADV3TURE hoodie, which has 23 pockets and features not to mention the clean new style.
Scotland-based BrewDog said it is marking the removal of Ohio's 12 percent cap on alcohol by volume in beer by offering its 55-percent ABV beer, The End of History, as an investment perk. "As we establish milestones of our own and celebrate historic moments in Ohio's beer industry, it seemed natural to introduce 'The End of History' to America," co-founder James Watt said in a statement. "This release of The End of History marks a significant milestone for our homeland away from home, and invites investors to claim a piece of brewing history for themselves."
Firestone Walker’s Luponic Distortion revolving hop series hits its stride this month with the release of Revolution No. 003, marking the beer’s third release since its inaugural entry last spring. We were lucky of to get a few of the first cans off of the line and DAMN the third revolution is good.
Jack Daniel’s is offering whiskey connoisseurs an opportunity like no other! Through the brand’s Personal Collection program, whiskey lovers can purchase a barrel (and yes, you get to keep the actual barrel) of their favorite via Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select. With Jack Daniel’s master distillers to help guide your choice, you can select a barrel of whiskey and make it your signature drink! Barrels from the top of the Jack Daniel’s warehouse will be reserved for the Personal Collection program as their exposure to extreme temperatures gives these whiskies the most flavor and color.
Wine fans will undoubtedly appreciate this fun photo project which captures how faces change when alcohol has been consumed. Brazilian photographer Marcos Alberti captured his friends when they had drunk one, two and three glasses of wine and these are the amazing results we hoped to expect. Notice the frowns in the three glass photos? Either did we! 

Experts predict a major shortage in champagne is on the horizon. Many suppliers have a reserve for situations like this, the only issue is that some will have to make a serious dent in their stockpiles to make ends meet. It's so bad that experts say this is the worst it's been since the 1980s, and this season is the toughest it's been for crop growers since 1956.
Many of you have already written in to suggest Zane apply! The Smithsonian Institute's Museum of American History is looking to pay some fortunate hop head at $64,650 annual salary to be their  historian for a three-year appointment based in Washington, D.C.
Game of Thrones fans better know Ser Gregor as “The Mountain” and the strongman behind the season six mountain of armor Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson is coming out with his own brand of vodka. Produced by Icelandic Mountain Spirits, the vodka is being billed as “a high-end luxury vodka” that uses Icelandic spring water as its key ingredient.
If orange is the new black then blood orange is the hot new fruit being used by brewers across this great country to create various style of brews infused with wonderful flavors from this variation to the old steady orange. If you pop into your local brewery there’s a good chance you’ll even find their local take on the blood orange craze.
Deschutes Brewery is heading to Chicago, Illinois with its pop-up pub of epic proportions setting up shop on Saturday, August 6 from 2 – 10 p.m. at Logan Square. The ultimate craft beer block party, this 400-foot custom bar will be pouring beers from 60+ taps, including local guest taps from Revolution Brewing, BuckleDown Brewing and Hopewell Brewing.
Just in case you didn't know your oversized bottle sizes, a Mathusalem is 6L or eight 750 bottles. The Louis XIII Le Mathusalem edition is set for a debut at the world famous Harrods department store in London where it will be exclusively available for two months starting in September after which it will become available worldwide.
Does it get any better than a "national" reason to celebrate a cocktail on Monday!?! The Mojito didn't get the fame of the Cosmo but it holds it own in popularity as a perfect summer cocktail. For the classic cocktail fan we included a quick "purest" refresher recipe, but seeing as it's fresh fruit season all over we've also included five must try fruit variations. So for once, happy Monday!
Say rosé and you’re talking about something flying off the shelf right now. From wine to champagne and even gummy bears, rosé is the hot flavor of things right now. So it’s not too shocking to find out that Moët & Chandon’s delicate pink creation, Nectar Imperial Rosé is the top selling rose champagne in the U.S.
Starting this Fall, Barnes & Noble will start selling craft beers and wine in new "concept" bookstore cafes. We say cheers! Why not, literature and booze go way back and it seems in today's business landscape if there's a pint of craft available, there will be crowds.

We welcome in Friday with this good news - In news that both offers hope and baffles, scientists have found that drinking three glasses of champagne every day can help to prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer's. A compound found in pinot noir and pinot meunier, the black grapes used to make a bottle of the fizzy stuff, can ward off brain diseases and increase spatial memory.

We love wine, we love wine gear and we really love "sneaky" wine gear. Happy hour hits the road in this fashionable tote by Tracey Luebbers. Designed to discretely hold a boxed wine bag, this multi-purpose tote also comes with its own dispensing bag, so you can take your favorite, fully insulated libations to go.
New York sweet shop Sugarfina has a “Candy Type” section on their website simply titled Cocktail. As Rose has become synonymous with “I want” in 2016 Sugarfina is right there with their latest creation - rosé flavored gummies.
For the second year in a row, the Colorado-based brewery is working with Ben & Jerry’s, this time to create what they call a “deliciously decadent” Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale set to hit store shelves this fall— but it’s not just another sweet brew.
A real conversation piece for the spirits lover in your life. These globe decanters are pretty unique. Before sharing a pour with your guest, turn this globe spirits decanter east to west or west to east to view the decorative etching of a world map, airplane, ship or antique car while admiring the rich hue of your prized bourbon, scotch, whiskey, or cognac.
Each year the American Homebrewer’s Association asks Zymurgy magazine readers to share a list of their 20 favorite beers that are commercially available in the United States. They’ve tallied the votes, and here are the results for the 2016 Best Beers in America survey, including Top Ranked Beers, Top Breweries, Best Portfolio and Top Imports. Note: ‘T’ indicates a tie, and hyperlinked beers include a clone homebrew recipe.
Sick of red wine? Not into white? Maybe you'll enjoy blue wine. Yes, blue wine. No, this is not an awesome Photoshop job, according to Eater, the Spanish company Gik is looking for it to be the next drink craze for millennial wine enthusiasts.
Face it, Dad's are fairly easy to shop for but does he really need another Lacoste polo or "World's Best Dad" apron, mug or shirt? Here's our selection of proven gifts Dad will love this year:
We’ve seen in post-series locker rooms, pit row, podiums - it’s the champagne spray and it’s origin is in Auto Racing. If you’re like us before writing this article, we bet you thought this tradition was as old as the sport itself, and that it probably was started by some mustachioed driver named Pierre who was wearing a flowing, white scarf. Well the setting was France, but the tradition is relatively new and was initiated by an American. In 1967 Daniel Sexton Gurney, one of the greatest American drivers ever, first let the champagne fly.
Legendary rockers AC/DC are proving the everlasting value of the band's global appeal with the announcement of a multitude of new and unique licensing partnerships around the world, including a new spirit named Thunderstruck Tequila.
Last month we featured a sketchy story about an anti-aging Gin, cleverly titled Anti-aGin, and now there seems to be a new alcoholic fountain of youth hitting the market, this time Vodka. The Anti-Everything Cocktail or "beauty drink" is made by combining vodka with "super anti-aging, natural ingredients" including caviar collagen is readying to launch in Europe and the US AND it's all 100% Grade A unsubstantiated B.S.
Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum is celebrating America’s Birthday this 4th of July with the launch of a limited edition black bottle. Steeped in the patriotic history authentic to the rum, the bottle features iconic artwork from the undisputed father of old-school tattooing, Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins, for whom the rum is inspired.
We hope you haven't eaten any sugar this week because Rogue is here to help ruin your diet today! There's no better way to celebrate such a day than complete indulgence with a donut & beer pairing via a donut beer!
We'll proudly admit it, we love Ballast Point Brewing's work. Unless you've been at the bottom of ocean you've probably tasted and/or see at least one of the Sculpin "flavors" at your local bar, tap house or friends shindig in the last twelve months. Ballast Point has a hearty list of award winning beer options in their profile and Barmy, the newest limited release hitting shelves this week, is a welcome new addition.
The world’s first wine theme park called La Cité du Vin in Bordeaux opens in France tomorrow. Not your typical theme park with roller coasters or wine lubricated water slides, this is a 10-story museum devoted to wine.
The Single Cask Edition Pullman Train Collection is a homage to the era of luxury train travel as well as a celebration of the iconic distillery's ties to the Pullman Company, which basically invented it in the first place. Each of the whiskies is named based on the Pullman trains: Pullman Club Car, Pullman Twentieth Century Limited and Pullman Water Level Route.
Russian River owners Vinnie and Natalie Cilurzo and Firestone Walker’s Brewmaster Matt Brynildson, collaborated to brew STiVO Keller Pils to commemorate the 2016 Firestone Walker Invitational Beer Fest on June 4. It will be released at the fest, and will thereafter be available for a limited time at select draft accounts in Firestone Walker markets nationwide.
What started out as silliness turned into an unfiltered farmhouse ale (9.0% ABV) that tastes like a silky smooth creamsicle, with a spiced fruit aroma brewed with milk sugar, fuzzy apricots, and catnip flowers. The late edition of catnip flowers in the brewing process gives a subtle earthy green tea flavor and aroma while milk sugar and oats add a nice body to this brew that wraps around your tongue.
You've heard the term "you can make vodka from essentially anything." If you know San Francisco fog, then you know it's thick but thick enough to make vodka from? The answer is yes. By the way, If you think this is about another gimmick, it's not. This is real science and very cool stuff all applied in the goal of producing beautiful vodka aptly named Fog Point.
A true Bourbon lover probably has a bottle or two of their favorite in stock but what they don’t have are these exclusive and pretty cool Bourbon gifts:
Not your everyday drinkers, these beautiful limited edition Whisky bottles are the epitome of opulence in design and price tag. If you consider the bottles art, and we do, then it's a sweet double bonus they come with delicious aged Whisky.
World Whisky Day invites everyone to try a dram and celebrate the water of life. Events are taking place all over the globe. If you can’t find an event happening near you why not host your own World Whisky day event? All you need is a bottle of whisky to share with your friends. World Whisky day celebrates all types of whisky/whiskey and encourages everyone to enjoy whisky responsibly.
Few problems exist when you’re drinking a nice bottle of wine. Yet we wine lovers on countless occasions encounter a common issue - not wanting to open a new bottle because we’re only going to a glass or two. If we don’t get to the rest of the wine in the coming days we’ll have to toss it. Enter the Wine Squirrel, a decanter that preserves a glass, or an entire bottle of wine for weeks at a time, without losing it’s flavor.
Zane takes us on a beer tour of Munich, Germany with stops at Theresienwiese, Hofbräuhaus, Augustiner am Platzl, Marienplatz, Schneider Weisse and Viktualienmarkt.
Saltwater Brewery has partnered with the ad agency We Believers to create what they say is the first fully edible beer can packaging. Made from a combination of wheat and barley, byproducts of the brewing process, this is the first 100% biodegradable and completely digestible packaging.
We admit it, we're guilty of the craft beer "rut." Depending on how long you've been a craft beer connoisseur we're banking that you're guilty too. The rut that goes like this - you're an IPA lover, you visit a new brewery and go right for the first IPA , ignoring the rest of the list, then head over to the community table to check Facebook or check in on Untappd missing out on the brewery’s master plan - educate, elevate and socialize.
Beer + Pizza = Great. That's simple, so simple and wonderful Pizza Hut is actually experimenting with a craft beer infused pizza crust. The only bummer about this story, the taste test is only in one UK branch and good until Friday or until supplies run out (we're banking they don't make it to Friday). Gimicky stunt or next big offering?
Innis & Gunn, the award-winning independent brewer of oak-aged beers, is releasing a new and limited-release beer in the US - Vintage a 7.7% ABV ale that was brewed in 2015 and aged in first-fill American bourbon barrels for 100 days before being packaged in 25-ounce bottles.
For those of you who know, use and love the Untappd App - cheers! We love earning badges because it only requires us to do one thing - drink more great beer. We love finding new beers or even a familiar one while on the road and Untappd brings us right to the perfect spot.
4,490 Breweries across 50 States brew 1 recipe. Coming together for the greatest union of all time, small and independent craft brewers across the country have created a very special beer in honor of American Craft Beer Week (ACBW), May 16-22. To #MakeSmallBeerBig during the celebratory week, the Biggest Small Beer Ever Made was produced by participating brewers in all 50 states using the same ingredients and recipe.
Even on an open air rooftop bar in Miami you can still smell the fresh muddled mint of the Mojito's floating around the bar deck. Miami, known for it's nightlife, hosts an ocean skyline you can watch for hours, if you ever get tired of the endless entertainment of people watching.

New shit must have come to light, Jeff Bridges is selling his sprawling 19.5-acre Californian vineyard estate for $23.5m. Considering the fact the first owner was Kenny Loggins, maybe shortly after moving in your career will also hit a new high.


Full editorial disclosure, this isn't a done deal. Anheuser-Busch InBev, Bud's parent Belgium-based company, has reportedly asked the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau for permission to use labeling that replaces the beer's name with that of this great nation. A few other star-spangled phrases would be included as well: "E Pluribus Unum," "from the redwood forest to the Gulf stream waters this land was made for you and me," and "indivisible since 1776."
The wit, wisdom and audacity of such famous whiskey drinkers as Mark Twain, Johnny Carson and Ernest Hemingway have left us all with quotes to drink by. The Whiskey Legends Rocks Glass Sets by Bourbon & Boots immortalizes such quotes in beautifully etched crystal glassware. These are truly thoughtful gifts or get a set for yourself for that thought provoking quiet night by the fire.
Extravagant hats and the Julep are as symbolic to  the Kentucky Derby as the twin spires at Churchill Downs. We put together Julep recipes that will have your friends asking if you’re hosting a Derby party next year.
Just in case you forgot your high school Spanish we'd thought we help out! This Cinco de Mayo the American craft beer world has some cool alternatives to the ol' trusty Corona, Dos Equis (and other great Mexican lagers, including Modelo) to party it up with tonight.
Beer and tequila are best friends! Instead of going old school with some shots, a mexican beer back with a terrible tomorrow morning we've put together six "beergaritas" that may make your Cinco de Mayo celebration more fun and tomorrow a little more enjoyable, maybe.
Fresh is big in craft beer, and not just for the brews, but for the brand too. From the very beginning craft beer packaging art has been just as cool as the craft movement itself (Pete’s Wicked Ale anyone?). Design evolves as the days pass us by so when a brewery molts their early first skins, it’s an exciting moment for the brewery, fans and craft beer industry as a whole. Evolution is strength.
This little breathalyzer just made it on to our Bat Belt of life. The AlcoMate Revo is DOT approved for Law Enforcement use and widely used in the Medical, Military and Corporate landscape so it’s legit. It’s also a popular addition to the evening it turns out. On a night where we did some in-depth reporting with a few friends and it was time to bust out the Revo to check for accuracy the little breathalyzer immediately became a “I'm next” center of attention moment at the party.
"Yeah, can I get an iced venti lager..." With a large coffee and a Lolo Lid you'll have a nice stealth beer. The lid snaps on the top of the majority of standard sized beer 12oz. and 22oz cans (not on Fosters, Crowlers and other irregular sizes). It's as easy to drink from as drinking a coffee. They do suggest trying it on an unopened can a few times to loosen up the clips when you first get it.
Walker’s Point in Milwaukee, WI is thriving and one of the shining stars in this neighborhood's resurgence is Central Standard Craft Distillery. Conveniently located next to Milwaukee Brewing Co., and by conveniently located we mean actually leasing space from the brewery which was previously used to store random stuff, the 1600 square foot facility is distillery, tasting room and gorgeous bar all wrapped up in one.
City #4 - New York, NY. NYC loves its rooftop bars. There's simply too many great locations to squeeze into a single article so for New York we'll be doing this in multiple segments throughout the "rooftop drinking" season. From the tourist spots to the after work happy-hour favorites let's get started...
Containing seven ‘major botanicals’ and drinkable pure collagen, the gin is described as “the alcoholic equivalent of a facial”. Created for Warner Leisure Hotels by wacky culinary innovation company Bompass & Parr, the aptly named 40% ABV Anti-AGin is said to be the “first gin of its kind” that allows gin fans to “rejuvenate” their skin while drinking. Finally!
An almost-forgotten design of shaker, the Konga Shaker, dating back to the 1930's has been brought back by the team behind Monkey Shoulder whiskey.
We’ve all heard about the health benefits of drinking red wine, but what about health benefits of beer? In the infographic below, you can see you're still receiving health benefits for drinking an IPA over a glass of Merlot. We’ve detailed the top ten reasons why beer is actually healthy in moderation, which is enough for us to raise our glasses in celebration. Cheers!
We're holding a competition to find out who will be the next DrinkingMadeEasy.com team member. You submit the article and our fans will help us decide who the next writer is. Entry is now open and ends May 9th.
The folks at Stone are especially proud of this year's "devastatingly dank" IPA from their Enjoy By series. Many beers pair well with flavors in dishes like lamb, pork and chicken. We'll go out on a limb and say this one is going to pair popularly with brownies, ice cream and Funyuns (yeah!).
Two or three drinks in, your conversation skills might really start to flow but until then, here's 20 Beer Facts that might break that "I only know you from my wife's friend of a friend but we obviously like beer" awkward silence situation. Source: (thrillist)

City #2 - Chicago, IL. The weather is just starting to get outdoor bearable (still a few April showers on the weather watch as we write this, but still). Here's DME's top list of six rooftop bars to get above the noise and look down on all the sights while still drinking in some of that Lake Michigan air:

If an Ernest Hemingway quote doesn't inspire you, maybe one of these handcrafted writing pens re-purposed from bourbon & whiskey barrels will get your inner writer going. A classy gift as the a bottle of bourbon itself.
In case you needed a reason to visit the beautiful islands of Fiji then we introduce you to Cloud9. This floating paradise is located literally in the middle of the ocean surrounded by nothing but turquoise blue water, coral reef and the horizon!
Unless your name is Jules and you work for Marsellus Wallace then you'll agree that bacon smells good, bacon tastes good and bacon downright makes everything "just a little better." Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon (Formerly Bacon Bourbon USA) takes two of America’s greatest assets and challenges the boundaries of their potential by fusing them in the world’s first and original bottled bacon bourbon.
The 2016 Deschutes Street Pub Tour is an outdoor pub of epic proportions that Deschutes Brewing brings to your town. The seven even tour kicks off on May 15th in Arlington, VA and runs through October ending in Sacramento, CA. The Street Pub features fresh offerings of rare beers released throughout the day, cooking demos which you actually get to eat, live music, the beer shot ski and lot of shenanigans that will have you wondering where the day went when it's over.
San Diego has no shortages of great places to grab a drink but when the sun goes we love to go up, to the rooftop. Rooftop bars get you above the hustle & bustle and provide you with a first class view of the night sky. We love a good cocktail or local brew with the skyline of the city we're visiting as a backdrop. Their almost endless viewing pleasures, fresh air, fire pits and true taste of the nightlife make rooftop bars a must on any of our travels.
Cheers! Today is a historically significant day for all beer lovers from consumers to brewers. On April 7, 1933, President Franklin Roosevelt took the first step toward ending Prohibition and signed a law that allowed people to brew and sell beer, in the United States, as long as it remained below 4.0% alcohol by volume (ABV).  Beer drinkers celebrated and were happy to be able to purchase beer again for the first time in thirteen years.

The Brewers Association (BA)—the not-for-profit trade group representing small and independent craft brewers—today released its annual lists of the top 50 craft and overall brewing companies in the U.S., based on beer sales volume. Of the top 50 overall brewing companies, 43 are what the BA considers “craft,” meaning they meet the organization’s requirements of being “small” (having annual production of 6 million barrels of beer or less), “independent” (at least 75 percent owned or controlled by a craft brewer) and “traditional” (at least 50 percent of the beer produced by the brewery is made with “traditional or innovative” ingredients).

“The top U.S. brewers continue to drive demand, growth, innovation and exponential interest in beers from small and independent brewers,” said Bart Watson, chief economist, Brewers Association. “With a historic record number of breweries in the U.S., the top brewers continue to open new markets and expose beer drinkers to a variety of fuller-flavored styles and offerings.”
Cheers to our globe-trotting, beer drinking, cocktail making, favorite travel host on his birthday. Zane only wants two things on his birthday - 1) Subscribe to Zane's World YouTube Channel and 2) Well, you'll have to watch his birthday message from Germany to find out...
Is it silly? Yes. Did some people get fooled? Yes, even if it was just for a few seconds. A lot of people had fun today, including ourselves, and these breweries are no exception either. We feel the Joker would be pleased today with these breweries. So Happy Friday, have a good laugh, be on guard for next year and most of all enjoy the silly, even if it's just for a few moments.
Seattle, Washington resident Stephen McKenna wins California State Lottery for over $7,000,000. “I was visiting my friend, Zane Lamprey, down in Los Angeles. Holy [expletive] this is crazy. We went out one night and drank a bunch, then I thought we should buy lottery tickets. He told me I was crazy. But, if you don't play, you can't win”.
Recently we posted a video on our Facebook page of a robot pouring a beer just for some “hump day” fun. Two days ago Texterator, a text ordering/beer pouring machine, debuted and it had the beer flowing almost as fast as people were texting in their orders. Maybe the days of desperately trying to make awkward eye contact with the bartender just for a beer are almost over.
Hey sports fans - Anchor Brewing and the San Francisco Giants release the first ever Major League Baseball and craft beer collaboration; Orange Splash Lager, a limited edition brew available just in time for the first pitch of the 2016 season.
Spring is here and brewery seasonal programs are getting bigger and better every year. Spring seasonal releases are a great way to shake off that cabin fever and those heavier winter ale's and lagers by enjoying beers with a focus on crispness and more fruit & citrus forward on those carefree sunny days ahead.

We love the St. Patrick's Day traditions; pinching those who don't wear green, boiling up the corned beef & cabbage or heading to the pub for a pint or four of Guinness but do you really know why? Here's seven St. Paddy's Day traditions explained.

In 2007, Dos Equis introduced us to the “Most Interesting Man in the World.” Three days ago Dos Equis aired a video of the Most Interesting Man boarding a private rocket ship headed for Mars on a one way journey. “Get a last look at this brave pioneer who will not be returning,” the voice-over says as a line of fawning admirers in various cultural garbs wait to bid him farewell. “His only regret is not knowing what regret feels like.”
In 1979, 200 people attended the first AHA National Homebrewers Conference, held in Boulder, Colorado. The conference is now recognized as the world’s most largely-attended conference devoted to amateur brewers with nearly 3000 homebrewer's making the trek this year to Homebrew Con 2016. Conference week events (brewery tours and pub crawls), Homebrew Expo & Social Club, Seminars, Craft Beer Kickoff Party, Sam Calagione (Dogfish Head Brewing) Keynote, Grand Banquet & Award Ceremony - c'mon this sounds pretty cool for any level of homebrewer.
Ninkasi Brewing, located in Eugene Oregon, are working on their newest IPA but it's not ready yet and they need your help. They decided to brew a flavorful IPA because that's that's what they see all of their running friends reach for. But to make sure this is a beer that runners want to drink after a run, they brewed a test batch of Beer Run IPA and are hosting a series of Ninkasi Beer Runs in cities around the country so runners can try it and let Ninkasi brewers know what they think. After a run, of course.
These musicians not only made a name for themselves on the stage, they followed another passion and ran with their artistic talent to work the vineyards and produce wine they are all proud of. You might have even had a glass or two and not even known that the fame behind the wine. Well now you do.
Yeah Brofessor, the newest high-protein, low carb and gluten free beer is targeting you gym buffs who want to keep those rock hard abs and party on. Barbell Brew, a UK exclusive for now, is a wheat beer that packs in 21.8g of protein, about the same amount as a steak, and only 2g of carbs.