Uncorking a bottle of champagne and pouring it into a glass is not impressive. Here are four simple and elegant Valentine's Day inspired cocktails that will get your loved one to ask "ok, where did you learn to make this?" We won't tell.
Do you have a “good man” that not only remembers Valentines Day every year but gets a little something to remind you he’s thinking about you. Maybe it’s just a card, maybe it’s your favorite candy or something sparkly. So if you want to “one-up” that Valentines gifting gesture we have the list just for you. We order the list from least expensive to absurd (just in case) and even threw in a “guy type” that would most appreciate such a gift.
The average player career in the NFL is 3.3 years according to the NFLPA. There's standouts playing all positions throughout the league's history but let's face it, the NFL is far from touch football and the need to have plans beyond the gridiron is a facet of every players life. Like all of us, these seven former NFL players all had dreams and interests and when they got off the field they pursued them like a game day win.
You're Super Bowl party can't be topped if you take a little extra time to create the "snack stadium" experience. Go big or keep it simple, no mater you're level of stadium building your guests will love it. Here's some inspiration from a few of our favorites.
Pacific Gem is the first of three in Green Flash's 2016 Hop Odyssey series. Pacific Gem sticks to it's guns harnessing it's flavor from a single hop. This Single Hopped Pale Ale presents notes of pine and grapefruit rind accented by guava with a long, lingering finish.
Millions and millions of times, and nearly a million times this year, RateBeer beer reviewers worldwide have raised a glass to review a new beer.  Homebrewers, disributors, brewers and more are all RateBeer.com fans and reviewers. We have tallied those scores and now present them as our RateBeer Best competition results.
In advance of the upcoming Super Bowl between the Denver Broncos and the Carolina Panthers, Spangalang Brewery (Denver, CO) and Fullsteam Brewery (Durham, NC) are entering into a wager on behalf of their respective NFL home teams and the terms of the wager are significant for the brewers and their fans.
Binny's Beverage Depot has teamed up with retail delivery firm Instacart to offer Chicago consumers a one-hour alcohol delivery service. The new service is already active and offers same-day delivery of beers, wines and spirits to consumers of legal drinking age.
Chateau Laguiole Corkscrews are considered by wine connoisseurs to pro's in the trade to be the best Laguiole waiter's style corkscrew on the market today and make for a truly unforgettable gifts for any wine lover.

You love wine. You know it’s better if the wine can “breath” a little before you pour, sip and enjoy but you don’t always have the time, or remember. Decanting is a process centuries old. The Romans let decanted wine sit for hours in the belief it brought out a wine’s aromas and mellowed harsh tannins.

The 8th annual SF Beer Week kicks off tonight with the sold out Opening Week Gala. The Gala is “thee” event that waves the green flag on a week long celebration of everything we love about beer; rare beer offerings, meet the brewer parties, tap take overs, collaborations, education and all sorts of imaginative “fun with beer” events.